Heavy Times

At first glance, this story of three normal dudes trying to get through a raucous night out will bring back memories of "American Graffiti" and "The Hangover." Thanks to a great cast with impeccable comic timing, "Heavy Times" stands on its own. – more


Technically, the film thrives. The cinematography is clean, the sound levels are all mixed well, and the soundtrack is surprisingly kick ass. – more

Holman's Movie Review

The well-defined personalities and sharply mapped out characters allow the viewing experience to be far more meaningful in a genre where the comedies tend to be cheap, tawdry, and bong–obsessed. Heavy Times lets its story take the lead, allowing the film to emerge as a strongly acted and obscenely funny excursion that will make as lasting of an impression on audiences as Rick himself. – more

Alt Reel

When I first started watching Heavy Times I was thinking that it might be another conventional, low–budget road movie. Nothing prepared me for the arrival of Rick–arguably one of the most obnoxious assholes in the history of American cinema! And I might add simply fuckin' hilarious!– more

the man–cave

...this is an original road trip–style flick unlike any that have come before it. The dialogue addresses so many instances in every day banter we would all like to deconstruct. But nothing is "like" anything, just ask Gunther. – more

Apocalypse Later

The journey this everyday trio of nobodies take isn't to Montreal, but into and outside themselves. They learn a little more both about who they are and about the world at large; because they are our surrogates, we get to experience some of that journey for ourselves too. This story delights in dragging us along with the lead trio into places none of us want to go but we leave smiling nonetheless.– more

Strange Kids Club

Heavy Times shares the awkward spirit of films like Tim Skousen's The Sasquatch Gang, Terry Zwigoff's Ghost World or Jared Hess' Napoleon Dynamite in its small, core cast of characters.– more

Rick and the Three Amigos